McGuire Family – One Year Later

This past weekend Kristina, Drew, Katie and Sam drove up to Edmonton to have their photos taken. We tried to do it the weekend before in Calgary while I was there, but as those of  you with children know, things don’t always go according to plan!


1025-McGuire-6      1025-McGuire-8

You may remember this family from my post, Chicks Dig Scars. Since then, Kristina and I have become friends on Facebook and have followed the heart journeys of our two boys. She was a big support when Kane went in for his surgery last December. Recently, Kristina contacted me about shooting fall family photos and we figured out it had been a year since our original session at the Alberta Children’s Hospital. Sam has come such a long way. He’s not out of the woods yet, but he is so much stronger than when we first met.





Katie also made a previous appearance in my December Voluntography post



It was great to see these guys looking so happy and healthy. They ended up coming over, playing with Kane, and having their first Famoso experience with us after our shoot.


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