My Turn!

My family experienced a momentous occasion. That’s right, I hired a photographer to take photos of us! Us means including me, the one who is always behind the camera! I was so excited. I had a number of outfits picked out to show off pregnant belly. I had planned what both Harrison and Kane were going to wear, I had some ideas for shots, and I had scouted some locations where there were still leaves on the trees.

Unfortunately, my original photographer ended up in hospital. This is a strange coincidence, because she was  the one who was supposed to shoot our first maternity session, which we missed out on because Kane decided to make an early appearance. A little self-talk was required, “Okay, calm down. You’re only 31 weeks pregnant. Kane wasn’t born until 32 weeks. There are still leaves on the trees. And you know how to reach out on Facebook.”

I put the call out and heard back from a number of people with recommendations. I ended up talking to three different photographers who were willing to step up to bat on such short notice. I chose to go with Gin Quist Photography and I am so glad I did!

Gin was amazing. She empathized with our situation and managed to juggle her young family to help out my young family. She came over on Thursday, the day after my original session was supposed to take place. Gin handled the chaos that is Kane, appreciated my outfit choices, and incorporated my ideas with her own. Perfect!! The greatest compliment I can offer her is that she shot the way I would have. As a photographer, it is hard to hand over the camera control, but I definitely put that control in the right hands. Plus, she had a gallery up for me that night!

Without further ado, here are my favourites from our session.


So glad I had Kane’s train ready to go. It kept him interested and focused on my belly!


I chose to blow up this shot to a 16x20 canvas.

I chose to blow this up to a 16×20 canvas


You all know how much I like photos that focus on the details, not necessarily the subject’s face


Kane trying to put on his cowboy boots so we can head out for a walk


Our goofball


Gin did a great job of incorporation Kane’s need for movement into her shots. This is also the current cover photo on her Facebook page



LOVE! My absolute favourite!

LOVE! My absolute favourite!




We even managed to include Indy in a few shots!

This is a screen shot of the 3ft x 2ft collage wall I created of my favourite family shots.

This is a screen shot of the 3ft x 2ft collage wall I created of my favourite family shots.

Gin, it was great to meet you. I love, love, love the photos! And I’m happy to have another friend to talk shop with!

If you are interested in seeing more of Gin’s work check out her website or her Facebook page

2 thoughts on “My Turn!

  1. These are all so beautiful! So happy you were able to get exactly what you wanted on such short notice! Thank you for being so understanding – and AMAZING job Gin! LOVE the shot of the three of you walking with Kane looking over your shoulder!

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