Project 52 Catch-up – Part 2

I broke the rules a little on this one. Our job for week 38 was to take a selfless selfie. The one rule we were working to was: YOU can’t be in the image. But as I read more of the description of our task and the questions that were posed to help us narrow down where we would take this theme; it was crystal clear that there was only one image I wanted to create.

The following statement was taken directly from Clickin Moms:

“Let’s show images that are a reflection of who we are as individuals and humans.What’s important to you? What do you find joy in? What makes you happy? What makes you sad? What makes you scared? What makes you nervous? What do you spend your free time on? What occupies most of your days? What drives you?”

The answer to all of these questions is Kane… and soon his new sibling. The fact that I can’t stop crying while I type this clearly tells me I made the right choice. So, without further ado, here are the shots I took this morning.


This is what I see


Kisses for baby



My submission for my selfless(-ish) selfie


This is my submission for Me & My Kid(s). You can call it the September edition or October part 1. But this is another project I am catching up on!

Kane has some idea of what is going on. He will hug baby, kiss baby and at times attempt to bite baby! He thinks my belly button is particularly interesting right now. We are currently 29 weeks along and, according to all of our ultrasounds, fetal echocardiograms and doctor appointments, everything is going well. Kane surprised us at 32 weeks. Looking back at my original blog post reminded me just how much Kane is behind the start-up and development of my photography and my blog.

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