Guest Blogger – Cuc

FYI: Bold comments were made by Cuc after I wrote up the intro.

Kane and I flew out to Vancouver yesterday for the first leg of our vacation extravaganza. *I had been counting down the days until I got to cuddle with the only guy who has my heart right now!*  We stayed with my girlfriend, Cuc, also known as the master baker behind the Kaneterpillar cake of 2013. *I’m looking forward to the 2014 birthday/baby shower shindig*  This blog post is a selection of Cuc’s favourite photos taken during the day using the Hipstamatic app on her iPhone. She wanted you to know that these were iPhone photos and only a few of them were edited. *I’m too busy cuddling with Kane to get the real camera out!*

Our day began rather early with Kane throwing a tantrum at 5am, yes, he is not immune to tantrums! *Whatever, I’m up at 5 every morning. Kane, it’s time to watch that cat video one more time. But, in the end, the dessert spoons kept him entertained*  After an uneventful bus trip down East Hastings, we met up with friends Gillian and Isla at the Vancouver Aquarium. Following nap time at the Quigley household, Isla and Kane had a late lunch date, then headed down to Kits Pool to ride the kiddie slide. To top off the day, Cuc’s sister, Suong, agreed to hang out with Kane, so Cuc and I could go out for dinner at Yew (the restaurant in the Four Seasons Vancouver where Cuc is one of the many talented pastry chefs). *Take out the word talented!*




Isla, when Cuc was supposed to be ignoring the kids so they would nap


Cuc’s favourite shot of Kane sleeping, particularly his choice of positions

Babies           food


Kane’s new dragon UV suit got a lot of attention

K&K           KK&C

 Best layover ever! Thanks for the constant meowing, cuddling and cute use of sign language, Kane! As for you Kristy, I’m too smitten by Kane’s cuteness to have time to comment on anything else right now. 😉 However, hot mama, you were the best Yew date a girl could ask for. I better see the Wolfe pack soon.

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