I’ve Been Published!

Way back in February my friend, Lisa, asked if I would be interested in taking photos of her back. Now this may seem like an odd request, but Lisa had been approached by Scoliosis Quarterly and they wanted to include her in a feature article for their summer issue. The article was to be titled Getting Inked and would share the stories of a number of people who have had spinal fusion surgery and have subsequently gotten tattoos. Unfortunately, because Scoliosis Quarterly is a print only magazine you will not be able to find the article online, but here are a few of my favourite photos from our session. And, I have ordered a copy in case anyone would like to see it first hand!


Please also check out the blog post Lisa wrote regarding the article. She describes more of her story, including her spine stats and a link to a song she wrote and recorded called “This Scar”.


You may also remember Lisa from my blog post, Tree of Life, which I did following the release of her second CD in January.


This is another medical issue that is close to my heart as Kane was diagnosed with congenital scoliosis. He has three hemivertebrae and will likely require spine surgery when he is about four or five years old. Lucky for us, Kane sees the same pediatric orthopaedic surgeon that did one of Lisa’s surgeries!

A view of Kane's back

A view of Kane’s spine

Thank you Lisa for allowing me to be a part of your story. You have not only been an inspiration, but also an incredible source of information.

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