Project 52 – Week 13 – Centred Composition

Last week’s assignment was to use the rule of thirds when composing an image. I completed the assignment and submitted it to Clickin Moms, but did not share it on my blog. The photo I chose was of Baby Cole and was one of the images his family asked me not to release. I will post Week 12 once Cole’s birth announcement has been sent out. I also chose that particular photo because last week’s assignment was an opportunity for CC (constructive criticism) from the other members of Clickin Moms and I was interested to hear other photographer’s thoughts.

This week’s assignment was to compose a shot where the subject is in the centre. Kane and I were in Victoria visiting family and friends and had some great opportunities to play around with this. Friday included Kane’s first trip to Beacon Hill Children’s Farm, as well as a portrait session at Christ Church Cathedral, which will be posted sometime in the next few weeks.



Aunt Natalie and Kane meeting one of the goats. I chose to include this because even though there is a lot going on I think the viewer’s eyes are drawn to Kane first (or maybe just my eyes!)



Spring in Victoria…not in Edmonton!


This is my submission for week 13

On Saturday, I documented my friend, Bre, with her band, Shoestring Bourbon, during their CD release party. Click here to see more images of the event.


I find the lighting, Bre’s dress, her facial expression, and the people on the dance floor lead your eyes to the centre.

I realized that I gravitate toward rule of thirds composition. This assignment wasn’t difficult, but it definitely made me think about my subject differently.

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