Yoga Belly

I met Kate when I took her post-natal mommy and me yoga classes at Whole Family Health. While I was on maternity leave, I tried to take advantage of what Edmonton has to offer by getting Kane and I out of the house and around other moms and their babies. Kate was very personable and easily handled the chaos of babies causing trouble during yoga classes. I was thrilled when I found out she and her husband, Lee, were pregnant. And even more thrilled when they asked about my Baby’s First Year packages!




I love the tree decal they have up in the nursery


Turtles play a big part in their nursery and Lee painted this picture


The picture of the tree in the background was a wedding present and has the words to their song written on it


Love this shot

At the end of our session, we spent some time getting shots of Kate’s yoga practice. Once a yogi, always a yogi!


The perfect yoga mat!


Nice balance


I’m looking forward to seeing Kate and Lee with their +1 sometime in the near (but not too near!) future.

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