Baby Cole

This weekend the Wolfe Pack headed down to Calgary to meet Baby Cole!! You may remember Ashley’s maternity session from a few weeks ago. Ashley is my sister-in-law, as well as one of my really good friends, which makes Cole my first nephew and Kane’s first cousin!


Cole finally decided to make an appearance 11 days after his due date. He was born at 2:32am on March 15th at Rocky View Hospital. He was 8 lbs 7 oz and 22 inches long. That is more than twice of the weight of Kane!





I definitely see his daddy, Will, in this shot!


Not exactly sure why, but I love this photo.

Ashley and Will bought an original derby board, to you laypeople that would be an antique skateboard, to decorate Cole’s room, but it was the perfect prop for our photo shoot.


Mom helping to set up the shot

We spent quite a lot of time settling Cole for these shots. He wasn’t the biggest fan of being propped up on a skateboard! Think feed…cuddle…photo…cry…feed…cuddle…photo…repeat.


I love the blankets you made, Sarah Everett. I’m hoping for hand-me-downs!

My absolute favourite shots are not being unveiled in this post because they are reserved for Cole’s birth announcement. But I will leave you with one last image that vied for a spot on the announcement.


We were so happy to meet you, Cole. I’m looking forward to documenting you, as you and Kane grow up together.

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