Project 52 – Week 11 – Negative Space

This week’s assignment was to submit a photo using negative space. Jessica Singleton of Clickin Moms did a wonderful job of explaining negative space and because I didn’t want to butcher her description I have included a direct quote from her. She wrote, “In photography we (the photographer) often spend so much time focusing on the subject itself (after all, we have to account for position, exposure, focus, etc.), that we can completely disregard the surrounding area. But, the area surrounding the subject (also known as “negative space”) is equally as important. Negative space often adds interest as it can place a stronger emphasis on the subject and can evoke emotions completely different than that of a frame that’s filled with the main subject.” I have a tendency to focus too much on my subject, so this was a great reminder to step back and take a good look at where I am and how my surroundings can help me to tell the story.

Today, I took Kane to St. Albert Gymnastics Club’s Friday drop-in session for the first time. I brought my camera along thinking there would be a lot of open space and I could get a shot (or 50) of him toddling along. Kane is a walking machine! His arms wave around and he looks pretty unsteady, but it is adorable! Last night, he spent at least an hour walking around the house carrying a cup with a glow stick in it (his new favourite toy after last week’s P52!)

0314-gymnastics-1After getting there, I realized the shot I was planning was not to be had because there were so many pieces of equipment out. Kane was in baby-exploration heaven! But even better than the shot I was planning, was when Kane went down the slide into the foam pit.


This is my negative space submission. I think I chose it partly because of the way Kane is trying to push himself out.


He couldn’t move anywhere, but he was loving it, until…


Mom, I am done with photos. Get me out of here!

Kane was exhausted after this adventure, so we’ll definitely be heading there again! If you know of any other gymnastics drop-in opportunities in Edmonton please leave a comment.

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