Project 52 – Week 10 – Alternative Light

This week’s assignment was to use the most unique light source you could find. My husband, Harrison, was so excited when I told him about this project that he went out and bought $15 worth of glow sticks! He had so many ideas he wanted to try, but unfortunately he’s not feeling well so I’m posting the shots we tried on the weekend.

For this first shot, we put the glow sticks at one end of the tunnel and then started Kane at the other end.

0307-Glowsticks-011 0307-Glowsticks-011-2

Most of these shots were taken at an ISO 6400 and I was attempting to use manual focus. This twist on the project was a lot harder than I expected (meaning there were a lot of throw-aways!)


Kane was not interested in letting these things go, but it worked out well when Daddy pulled up on one of the glow sticks to light up Kane’s face.

0307-Glowsticks-017 0307-Glowsticks-017-2

This last image was shot at 1/5 of a second. In hindsight, I should have decreased the shutter speed in order to close the circle of light.


Daddy teasing Kane

I have no idea how to fix the colour casts caused by the glow sticks, but I kind of like the effects I got.

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