Trimesters Maternity Massage

Recently, I did a shoot for Trimesters Maternity Massage. Ladine was looking to revamp her website and wanted shots of her massaging one of her prenatal clients at her space in the Lucina Birthing Centre,


I used Ladine’s services throughout my pregnancy, and even went for a couple massages after Kane was born! Ladine has an amazing set-up and really knows her stuff when it comes to pregnant bodies. I’m not above admitting that I was a little jealous while shooting these!


Ladine taught me an amazing side lying breastfeeding trick when I had to bring Kane to a massage because Daddy wasn’t home from work yet. If you want to find out what it was tell her I sent you!


How badly do you want a massage right now?

Ladine was also looking for some shots demonstrating the techniques she teaches during her baby massage classes. She teaches four different classes: basic baby massage, tummy troubles, sleep, and immune system boost. I highly recommend doing the whole series. Kane does too!




 0220-Trimesters-Baby-18 0220-Trimesters-Baby-19


This little lady had no interest in making a break for it!


Ladine offers  a private one hour labour massage class and an advanced pregnancy massage course for massage therapists.  Please check out Trimesters Maternity Massage’s website or Facebook page for more information and Ladine’s contact details.

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