Me & My Kid – February

Whew, cutting it close on February’s instalment of my Me & My Kid project. But better a day late than never! I ran into a bit of a snag when my tripod fell and broke. I tried to fix it with crazy glue, but unfortunately, I didn’t put the camera attachment piece back in before crazy gluing it and now I can’t get that piece in. Long story short, I bought a ‘new’ tripod last weekend from a guy on Kijiji. It’s amazing because it is able to shoot in portrait orientation as well as landscape. I didn’t realize how close to the end of the month it was and we are down in Calgary sans tripod. So, sadly, my fabulous new tripod will have to make it’s debut in March.

Back to the project…Me & My Kid(s) is all about getting shots that include you. I mentioned in my original post, 2014 Challenge, that my 2014 photography resolution was to take monthly photos of Kane and I. This way we both get to have at least 12 photos a year that include mom.


These photos were taken in Calgary while we were waiting and hoping for Kane’s first cousin to make his/her debut. So far nothing, but Kane got a sweet new Melissa and Doug barnyard puzzle that has flaps. Anything that can open and close is the best thing in his world right now, which made it easy to get him to stay still for some mommy and me shots! The self timer light on the camera helped too : )

This is my February submission to Clickin Moms.

This is my February submission to Clickin Moms.

Since I was in the groove, I also got this shot of us just before heading out in -39°C. I love his Columbia camo onesie and the hat he is wearing, though this photo doesn’t do the hat justice!


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