Baby A’s Birth Story

I was so excited when friends agreed to have me document their baby’s arrival. We had been discussing my Baby’s First Year packages and they had decided on a maternity session followed by a newborn session, when I threw out the option of birth photography. I left them to mull over the idea and was overjoyed when I heard that they wanted to go ahead.


Baby A, age two hours, getting checked out by one of the Lucina midwives.

On Friday, February 7th, I headed over to the Lucina Birthing Centre for Baby’s A’s grand entrance. The following  photos are a few of my favourite shots from the time I spent with them.


Mom is being supported by her doula, Stefanie McKinnon. Not shown is their midwife, Sabrina Roy.



One of my absolute favourite shots. Mom’s support people have been cropped out for privacy purposes, but I love the obvious connections and support shown here.


The strength of both women was incredible.


The slideshow I made for the family is amazing (if I do say so myself), though not really internet appropriate! This photo represents all the beautiful birth images that the family will cherish, but that you will likely never get to see!


I really like the documentary feel of the photos. I’m not sure birth photography will be a career move, as I was having nightmares about missing the birth. But if I were to photograph another birth I would definitely use this style of photography again.


The challenge of shooting in a dimly lit room really put my Mastering Natural Light Indoors course material to the test!


I am so thankful I got to be a part of Baby A’s birth story. It is definitely something I will remember forever. I also really appreciate the family’s willingness to let me share some of the photos. I’m currently working on Baby A’s newborn photos and am looking forward to sharing those with her family as well.


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