Project 52 – Week 2 – House on Fire

Week 2 of 52 was already posted on Clickin Moms by the time I found out about the challenge, so that explains the quick turnaround.

This week our assignment was to gather all the items we would want to take with us if we had to leave our house indefinitely. One of the assumptions made was that all living creatures would make it out, so we were just directed to consider possessions. We were given 10 minutes.

I noticed my items fit into two clear categories: sentimental and practical. I’ll describe the sentimental first because that’s what I found myself focusing on in the beginning.


– the scrapbook I made my husband before we got married

– my son’s heart monkey, baby book and memory box

– external hard drive & computer: between them they have all of my photos for the past few years


– phone, wallet & passports

– car keys & trailer keys

– baby carrier: this is the best way to calm my 13 month old down

– dog leash: I thought this one was funny, but my god, Indy is a lunatic without it!

– warm clothing like coats, toques, mitts, boots… Oh, Edmonton


This is my submission for Week 2

And the obvious… my camera, which fits in both categories in my opinion. Everything else I figured we could replace. Would my husband’s list look anything like this? Absolutely not!

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