Christmas Spirit

The staff of Edmonton Motors have been busy collecting for their Christmas Toy Drive! Today, I was lucky enough to get to photograph some of the staff as they delivered their donations to two outstanding Edmonton organizations.


Just some of the dedicated Edmonton Motors staff

This year the spoils from the Edmonton Motors Toy Drive were shared between the Stollery Children’s Hospital and Ronald McDonald House. As many of you know, these two organizations are very close to my heart and it has obviously rubbed off on my husband, Harrison!



The decals on the truck were donated by Speedpro Imaging


Just a sampling of the toys donated by staff and their loyal customers


Two trucks packed and ready to go

First stop: Stollery Children’s Hospital. The Child Life Specialists were telling me that The Beach (a play area for inpatients and their families) is filled with Christmas donations!


Ashley, Amanda, & Harrison showing off the booty

Next stop: Ronald McDonald House


You may recognize this tree from some of the photos I took of families at RMH last week. Though all the toys were a new addition!


Guess who happened to walk down the stairs at RMH as the gifts were being unloaded…Katie! She’s becoming a regular in my posts!

The staff of Ronald McDonald House were awesome (as usual!) and took the time to show Ashley, Amanda, and Harrison around the House. We learned that many of the donations will be used to stock the Magic Room, which is a place where kids staying at the House get to visit when they hit a significant milestone, such as a birthday or the day they finish treatment and get to go home.


Amanda and Harrison got to see RMH’s Magic Room.


Each child who visits the House gets to choose a quilt from the Quilt Room.

Harrison just told me that Ashley has already signed up to volunteer at RMH!

On a side note:

For anyone out there who has friends or family spending their holidays at the NICU or in hospital I came across a blog post from Ain’t No Rollercoaster titled Gift Ideas for NICU Families. It’s not necessarily geared towards Christmas, but I think the suggestions they include are universal. My heart goes out to each and every family that will be spending their holidays with a loved one in hospital. We’ve been there and I can tell you every email, text, call, card, hug,…(you get the idea) matters.

5 thoughts on “Christmas Spirit

  1. Great photo’s Kristy…wish I could have come along on the delivering but it looks like you guys had a great time. I’m so in next year!

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