The Best Santa Ever!

This week my mom, Cheryl, has been in town grandkid-sitting while I started back at work. So, in honour of her commitment to Kane’s childcare, I dragged her to Southgate Centre so Kane could meet Santa. Just kidding, she might have been more excited than I was.

1127-Kane&Santa-5      1127-Kane&Santa-35      1127-Kane&Santa-22


Checking out the set up

1127-Kane&Santa-18          1127-Kane&Santa-28

I had heard a rumour that parents might be able to take their own photos at Southgate, which is a must for this family. Santa’s helpers were really friendly and as long as we purchased a photo package, I could snap a few quick photos.


I’ll be honest, I have a limited amount of adult experience with Santa, but this guy was amazing! First of all, real hair and beard, enough said.


Secondly, he took the time to inquire about Kane’s neck and then shared contact information for the Al Shamal Shriners in Edmonton. This Santa doesn’t just give out presents!

If you are debating in which mall line you and yours will spend time, I would highly recommend Southgate Centre. We’re hoping Santa Claus Francis is there again next year.

4 thoughts on “The Best Santa Ever!

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