Indulge in This!

Kane’s first birthday party would have been a much less extravagant affair had it not been for our friend, Cuc Nguyen of Indulge, who took it upon herself to make this the best first birthday party EVER!! My husband, Harrison, who was skeptical of the whole birthday plan, is now asking Cuc about her vision for Kane’s second birthday.



Cuc hard at work


Strawberry monsters


The theme was based on the book The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle, though modified slightly to reflect our very determined Kaneterpillar’s first year.



Cuc’s many creations

Along with the red velvet caterpillar cake, Cuc made a variety of delectable treats based on what the Very Hungry Caterpillar ate in the book: apple inspired cupcakes, lemon cheesecake with poached pears, chocolate dipped strawberry monsters, mandarin oranges (no, she did not make those!), and salted caramel truffle pops. No big deal!


The party favours were sugar cookies with photos of Kane printed on edible paper.


My two favourites

During the party, Cuc picked up my camera and documented Kane’s first cake experience. Not just a pastry chef!

1123-Kane-Party-052 1123-Kane-Party-055 1123-Kane-Party-056


1123-Kane-Party-074 1123-Kane-Party-085

Cuc, recently moved to Vancouver from Prague. Please contact her if you have a sweet occasion you need catered. Hopefully, she won’t half-ass your birthday party like she did this one.


We love you, Cuc. Thank you!

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