Our Very Determined Kaneterpillar

A year ago today Kane made his grand debut into our family. We have had some medical challenges, but, as I’m sure you all guessed, I wouldn’t trade this little man for anything!!

1122-Kane-Birthday-046 1122-Kane-Birthday-075 1122-Kane-Birthday-095


Cupcake courtesy of Indulge. Keep your eyes open for the post with all of her baking magic!

I wasn’t sure how I felt about the whole cake smash idea. It turns out when you have a pastry chef staying at your house, a beautiful camera on hand, and a more than willing baby, it’s easy to get a little swept up!


Beautiful cup, Jay! It was perfect for his birthday shoot.

Kane hated every second of it!

Kane hated every second of it!  


1122-Kane-Birthday-287      1122-Kane-Birthday-309


I love this photo


I just want that cup

Looking forward to friends and family helping us celebrate tomorrow!


Kane was here

And maybe clean up…

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