Maiden Voyage

My husband, Harrison, and I decided last night was the perfect time to try out our new trailer! So we packed up Kane and Indy and drove out to William A. Switzer Provincial Park for a little winter camping experiment. For those of you who don’t live in Alberta, it’s definitely winter!

Kane’s evening: playing, reading, sleeping

1116-Trailer-002    1116-Trailer-048    1116-Trailer-021


Indy was trying to figure out where Kane went.


And then he found his spot!


A little crib with my hubby

We had a fair bit of snow overnight, but that didn’t stop Harrison from going hunting in the morning. Kane and I spent a little time outdoors as well. He looks like such a munchkin, Kane not Harrison!

1116-Trailer-067      1116-Trailer-055      1116-Trailer-056


Waking up from a morning nap. I love that he has a morning nap! I got to do a little more work on my business course.

All in all, a successful maiden voyage for the “Ark”.

9 thoughts on “Maiden Voyage

  1. I love the snow, trailer, Indy and winter outing with baby in tow. Indy was all safe and sound and waiting for invite to warm form up on the bed.
    Look forward to a tour.

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