Voluntography – November

A few days ago, I got to meet ten-year-old Alex and some of his family at Ronald McDonald House. Alex had arrived in Edmonton the previous night, then spent the whole day at the Stollery going from one pre-surgical appointment to the next, in preparation for spinal surgery the following day. Alex has scoliosis and, coincidentally, Kane and Alex see the same orthopaedic surgeon.


Meet Alex


Below is an email Alex’s parents sent me after his surgery, telling a bit more of his story:

Alex was born March 3, 2003 in the High Level Hospital weighing 8lbs 9oz. He was sent to the University Hospital an hour after his birth due to his medical condition. He left behind his oldest brother, Ryan age 2, and his sister, Amanda age 1, which made it hard for the whole family, but we had to take it one day at a time. Testing and more testing was done to see what Alex had, but nothing seemed to make sense to the doctors. Alex’s brain was normal, but his muscles were weak. Overall though, Alex was doing very good.  After a six week stay at the University, we were sent home with our precious son. They diagnosed him with a muscle disorder, which means he can’t walk, can’t talk and he eats through a G-tube. All of this would make our life more challenging, but we prayed that everything would work out fine. After enjoying one month at home with our son, he suddenly got sick. We drove him to the nearest hospital as fast as we could. It was an hour away and his breathing was decreasing. We thought we would lose him. Alex was flown to the University Hospital where he had to have a big surgery to fix a bowel obstruction.  

Now Alex is 10 yrs old. He has been healthy since then but we knew he would have to go through one more surgery for his scoliosis. It was scheduled for Nov. 13, 2013. It has been two days since his surgery and things are looking good so far. Hopefully, they stay like that.


And his parents Ed and Margaret. Below is his grandma, Kathy.

1112-Alex-Family-15      1112-Alex-Family-11      1112-Alex-Family-13


I was very impressed Alex made it through our session after the busy day he had!


This session taught me that I need to do a little research on poses I can use when one family member is in a wheelchair. I would have done this ahead of time, but I didn’t realize Alex had a chair!



Alex, it was great to meet you. Kane and I are wishing you a speedy recovery.


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