Looking for Feedback

I tricked you with a photo of Kane! But I appreciate you stopping by because I have something to ask you. And yes, Kane is licking the snow.

I am wrestling with the idea of turning my photography passion into a business. “Wrestling” is the perfect term. I would say every other day I think it’s a great idea. On the off days I feel like it’s not the best time to start or I wouldn’t be able to get a business off the ground or, scariest of all, my business would (GASP) fail.

While I continue to debate the business idea with my rational self and my emotional self, I am taking an online course through Clickin Moms called Business 101: Building a Successful Business. One of our tasks last week was to write a bio and mission statement. It was a tough assignment and I wordsmith-ed it to death, but here it is. I would appreciate any and all constructive criticism. Please comment below or email me at kristy.wolfe.photography@gmail.com.


I am a natural light, lifestyle photographer who specializes in baby, children and family photography. My passion is for capturing everyday adventures; whether this involves showing off a much-loved toy, participating in a favourite activity, or interacting with the people who are important to you. I love having a starting point for a session and then seeing how our time together develops.

When I am not busy being a photographer, a mom, a wife and a fitness enthusiast; you can find me in my classroom. I work with students who have learning disabilities. I suppose you could say I have a knack for working with kids. Although, running a classroom is easy when compared to shooting a family with two kids under five and a dog! It’s a good thing I am organized, have a great sense of humour and a lot of energy!

About eighteen months prior to my son being born, I began taking photography courses, playing with my camera more, and shooting for the people I care about. Once Kane became a part of our family, I found I was constantly documenting his life; whether it was the story of his stay in the NICU or details of our everyday adventures. I love capturing Kane filled with wonder as he figures out a new skill, experiments with how something works, or interacts with friends, family and our dog, Indy. The opportunity I have had to shoot Kane and his baby buddies has enabled me to further develop my skills and define my style.

Another passion that has developed since having Kane, has been photographing premature and medically fragile babies. I feel families deserve to have these “normal” life experiences.These shoots can be emotionally quite tough, but I wouldn’t give them up for anything. I currently volunteer with Ronald McDonald House and The Madden DeLuca Foundation. Please contact me if you know of a family with a child in the hospital who would appreciate the gift of family photos.

I look forward to meeting you and your family.

Mission Statement:

I want each family I spend time with to have beautiful photographs of moments throughout their lives.

I particularly love being able to capture babies, kids and families as they grow and change.

I strive to provide a fun, relaxed session for kids and, hopefully, their parents, too!

I know our sessions will be remembered with a smile.



12 thoughts on “Looking for Feedback

  1. Kristy!! Love this post – I think you should follow your heart – you do amazing work – and I know you will have a ton of people that will support you!!!

  2. Kristy, I thought you already were a business! Anyway, go for it, you have a special gift and a an incredible knack for family portraiture. Your mission statement is excellent. Do you plan on giving up teaching?

  3. Well, you already know what I think: GO FOR IT! I wil happily help you develop a plan. We have some work to do but you are already well on your way!

  4. Kristy, sorry this is so long overdue, you know how things get!! i just wanted to let you know that i fully agree with the decision to start your photography business. You certainly have a gift and any family would be fortunate to have you photograph them as you did for us. I will say, if on top of all the craziness that is involved with being a mom and a heart momma on top of that 😉 if you can still find the time to do so, i would still encourage you to continue on with your voluntography. It is a tremendous gift to families during an incredibly difficult time and as someone who has been fortunate enough to be the recipient of your generosity first hand, i feel that there are no words to really thank you enough. Good luck with your decision, we have seen your work and know that you will be successful with whichever path you choose to take.

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