Island Life

Kane and I were out on Vancouver Island recently enjoying an extended fall and a last trip to visit family before mom goes back to work. Luckily, our friends Isla and Gillian were able to make it over from Vancouver, so we took some time to have a pumpkin patch photo shoot!


The Quigley ladies

Gillian and Isla recently had a taste of fame when they were featured in a Globe and Mail article titled The procreative class: How cities can help on the child-care front. Thanks Gillian for making your voice heard. Child-care is an issue that our family is also facing as my back to work date looms. We are waiting to hear whether Kane has a spot in daycare. Maybe I should be dealing with that instead of blogging photos!


Baby buddies


1028-Kane&Isla-041      1028-Kane&Isla-055      1028-Kane&Isla-066

Lesson learned hit up the pumpkin patch at the beginning of the season, when it doesn’t look so picked over!


A “happy snap” taken by my assistant (aka my mom Cheryl)

On our way to breakfast on Sunday morning we made a quick stop at the old railyard in Esquimalt. Every time I drive by there I want to take photos. I envision an engagement shoot, but Kane and his Auntie made good stand-ins!


Auntie Natalie


Monday was Kane’s first trip to an aquarium. His grandparents took him to the Shaw Ocean Discovery Centre in Sidney, which was perfect because I got to play with available light photography in a new setting. I realize there is a ton of room for improvement on these two photos, but I also know capturing the moment is more important!


The line up the middle drives me crazy, but I’m not sure how to get rid of it in Lightroom or if it’s even possible.


Kane was mesmerized by these jellyfish. He was trying so hard to grab one. Not sure what he would have done had he got his hands on one, likely stuck it in his mouth.

  A few island shots to leave you with.

1028-Kane-040     1028-Kane-034     1028-Kane-069

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