Victoria Masquerade Ball

While visiting Victoria over the weekend I had the opportunity to shoot an event for Our Place Society at the Empress Hotel. I must be honest, although I did the majority of my growing up in Victoria, I can’t recall spending any time at the Empress. An absolutely amazing venue for a masquerade ball!


The Victoria Masquerade Ball is in its sixth year and each year Derek and Julie Sanderson donate the proceeds to a non-profit organization. This year the proceeds benefitted Our Place Society, where my mom, Cheryl, happens to work (which explains the gig!)


Derek Sanderson welcoming guests.


A number of the guests arrived in horse-drawn carriages. I love the Parliament Buildings lit up in the background.

1026-OurPlace-44 1026-OurPlace-63 1026-OurPlace-53


Just a few of the amazing masks!


This couple won Best Costume, which was well deserved as they were in character all night long!

There were three photographers set up for formal portraits and a couple other photographers wandering around taking candid shots, so I decided I would work on my low light photography and ditch my flash.


Morgan Turner Photography

Entertainment was provided by students of the Canadian College of Performing Arts, as well as The Midnights.

1026-OurPlace-75 1026-OurPlace-107 1026-OurPlace-79

1026-OurPlace-93            1026-OurPlace-104-1

The real purpose of this post was to bring attention to Our Place Society, whose vision is to provide “nourishment, hope and belonging for all in Greater Victoria.” The Society runs a variety of services, including meals, transitional housing, health and wellness, education, and practical care. Donations are always welcome, as are volunteers!

1026-OurPlace-39 1026-OurPlace-67 1026-OurPlace-40

The following photos are of Our Place Society’s staff who were in attendance and hamming it up for the camera. My mom is the one wearing the white mask with blue trim in the first photo.

1026-OurPlace-68 1026-OurPlace-6 1026-OurPlace-7


To view all of my images from the Masquerade Ball click here. Pages 15-20 of the 2013 Event Gallery are my photos and pages 1-14 are from the other talented photographers who volunteered their time.

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