Eleven Months and Counting

My little man is eleven months old today!

1022-Kane-002                  1022-Kane-003

I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to show off some of Kane’s fall photos. The radio flyer session may be my all time favourite. I’m thinking it would look amazing as a Collage Wall from Technicare. I have done all my “professional” printing through Technicare (and by professional I mean gifts for friends and family!) I have been really impressed with the variety of products they offer and the quality of their prints. If you are thinking you would like something printed, especially since Christmas is just around the corner, I highly recommend them. I have set up a PixPortal Client Loyalty Program through Technicare, so email me at kristy.wolfe.photography@gmail.com to get my promo code for a 10% discount or if you would like an opinion on which products you should try.



1007-Kane-054 1007-Kane-058


Sue Bryce and Kelly Brown keep returning to the idea of “existing in photos for your children” in the online course, Bumps to Babies, I am completing through Creative Live. So, after getting my hair cut last Friday, I figured now was the chance for me to set up my tripod and take some self portraits, which again turned out to be more difficult than I expected. It didn’t help that I nitpicked the heck out of the photos of me!


I learned I needed a focus point to make the self-timer function work to my benefit, hence the tree in the shot. A remote would definitely be easier!


Then to get Kane and I in a photo together was a whole other set of problem solving opportunities! Not the sharpest photos I’ve ever taken, though let’s be honest, they’re also not the fuzziest!


My photo shoot obviously turned into another Kane-centred affair!


This is his blue steel!

I’m planning to make “existing in photos for your children” a bigger focus in 2014 through self-portraits. As the photographer in my family I end up behind the camera (which I love, don’t get me wrong) and not in front of it very often. Though, between the efforts of my husband, Harrison, my mom, Cheryl, and two of my girlfriends, Cuc and Jen, I do have a fair number of photos of Kane and I.

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5 thoughts on “Eleven Months and Counting

  1. Wow! Kristy, these photos are amazing. It is wonderful to see you with your young family. And the name Kane is very important in my family, and I think he suits that Kane perfectly. Well Done!

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