Final Fall Family

Final fall family session because it’s practically winter here in Edmonton!

Kirsten and I managed to pick the windiest possible day to shoot her family. Though it obviously didn’t affect how cute Kirsten and David’s kids, Arabella and Mattayus, are!



Twelve week old Pompey was loving Mattayus!



I love this shot. The kids have such personalities in it.





There was one location in particular I had planned to use with these guys. I double checked the day before the shoot and the leaves on these three bushes were perfect, beautiful red and yellow bushes that I had big plans for. When we got there during the shoot the bushes were barren. Foiled by the wintry weather! We clearly got great shots regardless. And found the best kid prop along the way! What kid doesn’t love a tire swing?




I met Kirsten at Terwillegar Rec Centre where she teaches postnatal fitness every week day. She is a machine! But good info for all you mommas out there looking for something active to do with baby in their stroller-jail. Kane and I will be there tomorrow morning at 11:45 for Tabata Interval Training with Baby.


You may remember this photo from Project HurriKane. Kirsten is the one in the background making us sweat!

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