Craig & Robin’s Wedding Ceremony

This wedding will be blogged incrementally, starting with the ceremony, because I have been experimenting with my set-up. Sounds scary, I know. But, Craig and Robin, I promise this is good for your photos!

At my brother’s wedding (see previous post) I was ogling the photographer’s set-up. She was working with two different lenses mounted on two different camera bodies. I thought to myself, “Hey, I can try that at Craig and Robin’s wedding. I have enough gear and it will make me look a hundred times more professional!”

Correct! I looked like a ‘real’ photographer, not a grade 7 teacher trying on photography. Downside: the editing involved with working with two separate cameras! This part is (notice how I don’t say was) much more time consuming then I previously realized, although as I said before, Craig and Robin are scoring big time.

So without further ado, here are some of my favourite shots from their ceremony.


St. Albert Catholic Church


The calm, cool, and collected groom.


Each of the groomsmen were given one of these beautiful pocket watches.


The piper was Robin’s neighbour.


The colours in the bridesmaid’s flowers and dresses were fabulous to photograph.


The happy couple were married in an outdoor ceremony at the grotto behind the St. Albert Church.



A little rain never hurt anyone, especially when you have a venue like this!







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