Hell or High Water – Stampede 101

This past weekend I had the perfect opportunity to put my father-in-law’s Nikon D700 and his 80-200mm f2.8 lens to work. Not only did we have amazing tickets to the rodeo and the chuckwagons, but it was Kane’s first Calgary Stampede and he was dressed to impress!


Let the show begin


My cowboys


Saddle bronc


Ladies barrel racing


The actual owner of this amazing camera.


Bull riding


Tempting fate


My little man, with the cute boots, enjoying the chuckwagons with his Aunt Ashley.


I only lost $20 in the chuckwagon pool!


Probably one of my favourite events. The goal is for one of the kids to get on the pony’s back. It cracks me up because generally the kids are being dragged around.


Another Stampede first-timer


This is how they kick off the afternoon rodeo show.


Another first-timer. Future barrel racer?


A little something random at the Stampede grounds.

I don’t have any photos of the Grandstand Show, although it was fabulous, because by the time it had started I had put the camera in the truck. It seemed like a good idea since we were already there persuading the tow truck driver that he didn’t need to tow it away. The sign at the entrance to the infield saying “cars must leave by 10pm” is not a  loose guideline, apparently the fireworks are shot off from there. Now we know for next time!

July 22nd Update

Today my friend, Sarah Stall, shared a video titled We’re Greatest Together depicting the effects of the flood on the Stampede grounds and the way Calgarians came together to prove no flood was going to cancel the Stampede for the first time in it’s 101 year history. When you see the damage that was done just prior to Stampede it really puts my photos into perspective .

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