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A few months ago, a mommy friend of mine mentioned that there was a new postnatal fitness program starting at the Lucina Birthing Centre. Although I wasn’t able to use Lucina’s midwife services, I did take advantage of acupuncture and prenatal massage. Four months after having Kane, I was still seeing Ladine with Trimesters Massage for my own selfish pleasure as well as for her baby massage classes. One day after a massage, I noticed a poster for Momentum Health & Wellness advertising 1/2 price for the first month of classes. A deal…close to my house…Kane can come…chatting and working out with one of my favourite mom buddies…I’m in!

I’ve been sweating my post-pregnancy booty off with Rachelle twice a week for three months and all the hard work is definitely paying off. Rachelle is a Certified Exercise Physiologist and Pre/Postnatal Fitness Specialist. She runs a postnatal class called Moms on the Move at the Lucina Centre, as well as Stroll it Out (Strollercise) in two outdoor locations in Edmonton. For those of you who haven’t “popped” yet Rachelle also offers a prenatal fitness class at Lucina, which I definitely plan on attending for number two.

I love the variety in Rachelle’s workouts and her ability to modify each exercise to the different fitness levels in the class. My undergrad degree is in Kinesiology and I appreciate Rachelle’s knowledge of the postnatal body and the way she clearly communicates the importance of working particular muscle groups after baby. This girl knows her stuff!




Rachelle’s 16 month old daughter, Avery, is often in attendance and is more than willing to share a smile and your yoga mat.








And, did I mention Rachelle will entertain fussy babies while moms are working out? Not that Kane is ever fussy.










5 thoughts on “Momentum Health & Wellness

  1. What a positive way to get back in shape! Surround yourself with friends, new and old, and bring the babies too. I love the photography!

  2. Thank you so much Kristy for taking photos of my class!! I absolutely love being surrounded by amazing moms, babies and pregant women!! Having my degree in Kinesiology, being a Certified Exercise Physiology and Pre/Postnatal Fitness Specialist allows me to properly educate women on fitness and wellness!! If anyone is interested in any of my classes .. or personal training, please contact me!

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