True Love

This year is my husband’s first Father’s Day. One of the ways I wanted to celebrate is by compiling some of my favourite photos of Kane and his dad. But just before we get to the photos, I want to share one of the events that launched me into my passion for photography.

In June 2011, my husband, Harrison, and I were driving south on the QEII with the goal of getting out of Edmonton for the weekend. Just outside the city limits he asked me to reach into the black backpack in the backseat and get him some beef jerky. For those of you who know Harrison, you also know it isn’t a road trip without beef jerky! Anyway, I managed to find the backpack, but didn’t recognize it. The bag had a  Lowepro insignia on it. As I turned to ask Harrison where the backpack came from, he said, “Just open it.”  Inside was the best surprise since Harrison proposed, my Nikon D90!

A few weeks earlier, Harrison had overheard me talking with his friend, Matt, about his new camera. I was saying how I would love to learn to take photos using a DSLR. Based on that conversation, Harrison picked Matt’s brain, researched cameras and decided the D90 was the perfect starter model for me.

Before our weekend getaway Harrison had charged the batteries and included with the camera were a couple of memory cards. That weekend I had the opportunity to start using my new camera, although in auto mode. Manual mode did not get turned on until months later during my first camera course, Using Your DSLR Camera, through the Canadian Photography Learning Centre (

This is one of the first photos I took with my “real” camera. And yes, the Mothership, Harrison’s other love, was stuck!

The D90 and I have come along way in the last two years. Together we’ve made it through a number of courses on everything from lighting to photographic design to using Adobe Lightroom to edit.  We’ve shot engagements, weddings, families, babies, pregnant moms, and even a couple of boudoir sessions. If you are interested in seeing any of these photos please go to

And I have Harrison to thank for kick starting all of it.

Harrison, I love you! I’m looking forward to what this year brings. You’ve done such a great job with Kane from snoozing in the NICU to swimming lessons at Jasper Place. Happy First Daddy’s Day.








12 thoughts on “True Love

  1. Absolutely gorgeous and filled with Love! I also love Oso in the Pool with Kane ….Happy Father’s Day Harrison. Love, Aunt Betsy and Uncle Swede

  2. Kristy what a touching and thoughtful Fathers Day gift.
    You always bring tears to my eyes with your photos. You have award winning photos!!!!
    Love you! Carey

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  4. First Father’s Day and impeccably captured moments of consideration, thoughtfulness and LOVE!! Everything from the new camera, new persona and new Father.

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