Flash Diva

Recently, Kane and I went on a west coast adventure to visit family and friends, many of whom hadn’t had the opportunity to meet Kane yet. This was the first trip I have taken with  Kane where I’ve felt brave enough to pack my “real” camera. Oh D90, you’ll get to come to the Caribbean next time, I promise! St. Bart’s wasn’t the same without you. And the little Canon Elph and my iPhone mean nothing to me, I swear.

For this trip I packed my Nikon D90 with a 50mm 1.4 lens, rather than my beautiful 18-70mm 2.8 lens, which doesn’t fit well in a diaper bag!  Also along for the ride, was my SB 910 Speedlight. As I mentioned in my last entry, I have been taking an accessory flash course through the Canadian Photography Learning Centre (www.cplc.ca) and I’ve been determined to practice using my flash in manual mode regardless of how good the ambient light situation!

Therefore, for this entry, I decided I would only post flash photos. Please keep in mind these photos are from a flash novice, so be kind. Plus, by that point in the class, we hadn’t covered flash ratio, which is still a ways over my head judging by this week’s homework! Constructive feedback is always welcome on any of my photos, though having said that I may be cursing you under my breath!

Quite honestly, I can’t even guarantee these photos were taken using manual mode, some may be TTL. For those of you who are barely hanging on through the camera-ese; TTL stands for through the lens and means auto mode for the flash. A relatively basic bit of flash lingo that I have learned recently, though would have been really helpful to me a year and a half ago. Note to self: next time I buy a piece of camera equipment read and RETAIN some of the information in the manual.

Our first stop after leaving sunny, warm Edmonton was Victoria, where it was not so sunny and warm. Figures! On Mother’s Day, Kane had the chance to meet his soon-to-be-aunt Chelsea.


A few days later he went to the park with Kara and her boys.



Kane spent the day with Jill and seven week old Porter in Seattle.


Then he met his ‘cousins’ Leif and Ella for dinner.



Finally over to Priest Lake, Idaho, not at all part of the west coast, but always an adventure. There Kane met his ‘cousins’ Gabi, Duke, and Amora.




Thoughts on the size of the pictures this post compared to the first post?

6 thoughts on “Flash Diva

  1. I’m a fan of the bigger pictures on this post – show it off! Keep ’em coming. Porter wore his Cpt Adorable outfit this weekend, love it! How was the car ride home?

  2. Hi Kristy,

    Becoming an expert at using your flash requires lots and lots of practice, so you’re on the right track. As you shoot in many different situations, you really start to realize where the flash really helps, and where it doesn’t. Also, you can start to recognize when & where you can ‘step it up’ and try to create really great lighting…and also recognize when great lighting is less important than capturing the moment. If you can get a clean, sharp, and well exposed photo, in just about any situation…then you’ll be doing very well. It’s fantastic when you can create soft directional lighting…but don’t miss the moment while trying to do it.

    I think the photo in the yellow tube, could have used more flash exposure. The background is exposed perfectly but he’s a little dark. Of course, we could say that being a little darker, helps to tell the story that he’s hiding in there. But it should have been easy to light him up (if you wanted to).

    And in the last one, I’m wondering if you could have under exposed the ambient/background (to prevent the sky & water from blowing out), while still lighting him up with your flash. This is the perfect scenario for that type of shot. Check out this post on our blog http://www.cplc.ca/blog/2013/04/flash-photography-workshop-edmonton-calgary/

    And yes, the larger pictures are much better.

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